9/5: Mass Meeting For All Affected by Recent Flooding in New Orleans

If you or someone you know has experienced loss of personal property or wages, due to local flooding, attend this meeting. If you know of someone who has been affected, please encourage them to attend.

A Message to New Orleanians from the Peoples Assembly

Hold Mayor Landrieu and the Sewerage and Waterboard Board of Directors Responsible for recent floods and Our Anxiety During the 2017 Hurricane season.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the Board of Directors of the Sewerage and Water Board must be held responsible for the present mismanagement and neglect of our drainage system. We residents depend on the city government to keep us dry during rainstorms. They have failed.

Every day we find out about another failure by the Landrieu administration. Their negligence has cost many of our fellow residents tremendous losses. People lost their cars. Many people lost possessions as water rushed into their homes. Small business lost revenue. Workers lost days of pay.

We have heard nothing but excuses from the Landrieu government. Top managers at the SWB have been fired. But the reality is that Mayor Landrieu was asleep at the wheel. The buck stops with him. We are witnessing and paying the price for Landrieu’s negligence.
Things won’t get better unless we make them better!

Fellow residents: It does no good to complain among ourselves; things will remain the same if we do not act in our own best interest. We must organize mass meetings leading to mass mobilizations to force the city to fulfill its duty to protect us from the rains and hurricanes.

We must realize that one of the fundamental duties of city government is to provide drainage. We know now that the SWB and Department of Public Works (DPW) utterly failed to carry out this basic duty. Thousands of drains have not been cleaned out for decades. Essential equipment was left unprepared. Pumps were not repaired and many of them were not manned during rain storms.

We must demand the return of the SWB to city government control and have a oversight board that includes SWB workers and ordinary working class citizens.

Join us at a mass meeting at Christian Unity Baptist Church on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 6pm.


The Peoples’ Assembly is filing a class action lawsuit against the city of New Orleans for damages suffered as a result of recent flooding.  If you would like to be a plaintiff in this lawsuit and receive updates, please fill out the form below.

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