Truth About City Spending

New Orleans spends only 3% of its $615 million dollar budget on children and families, and only 1% of its budget on job development, while it spends 65% of the budget on jails, cops, and reactive programs. Then out of nowhere it announces an additional $40 million dollars to spend on a so-called “city wide safety plan” that actually consist of surveillance, policing, and beautification of the French Quarter. None of this plan is proven to lower crime, and certainly not to PREVENT violence/crime. This matters, because this is all TAX payer money. This money should be invested into youth job opportunities, and proactive community based programs that PREVENT crime. Let’s demand that resources be allocated as an investment in our youth. #JobsNOTJailsNOLA #PeoplesAssemblyNOLA Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans Ubuntu Village NOLA Take ‘Em Down NOLA

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